No access to clubs in Ibiza without a digital green card

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Clubs in Ibiza reopen in June

IBIZA – Clubs in Ibiza will reopen in June. That is when Spanish and European authorities estimate 70% of the population will have been vaccinated. An ‘action protocol’ includes various measures for the clubs’ safe reopening.

Ocio de Ibiza, an interest group representing 38 hotels, beach restaurants and clubs, proposes the protocol. According to newspaper Diario de Ibiza, the protocol’s measures will provide sanitary guarantees to prevent the spread of contamination.

Digital Green Certificate

The action protocol’s primary measure is an entry requirement for people accessing bars, hotels and clubs in Ibiza. They need to be vaccinated, have overcome Covid-19 or show a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours earlier. Ocio Ibiza believes these entry requirements are verifiable thanks to the EU’s Digital Green Certificate that will be implemented shortly.

Cogesa Expats

The interest group intends to implement all safety measures with the approval of the authorities. For that reason, it handed over the action guide to the Minister Iago Negueruela of Economic Model, Tourism and Labour and to the director of the Institute of Occupational Health in the Balearic Islands, Ruben Castro.

Dangerous sources of contamination

José Luis Benítez, Ibiza Leisure Manager, stated that his group “continues to give priority to health and the Ibiza brand”. Many have concern over illegal organised parties “without standards or sanitary measures”. They see these as a “dangerous sources of contamination.” 

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