Spend the winter in Spain: Ten reasons why this is a good idea

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spend the winter in Spain


MADRID – Wintering in Spain has always been very popular. Especially among Northern Europeans. Since the energy crisis, more people are choosing to escape winter and high energy bills and spend the coldest months in Spain.

Spain is one of the top destinations for winter visitors. Because the country has been one of the first choices for crowds of tourists who spend their summer holidays there for decades, the facilities are exceptional. There is an extensive range of apartments along all coasts with owners who also like to see their homes rented out in the winter. But what makes Spain so attractive for winter visitors? Here are 10 reasons to spend the winter in Spain.

1. Pleasant climate

Spain is known for its sunny climate, even in winter. While it can be bleak and cold in Northern Europe, Spanish cities on the Mediterranean coast such as Malaga and Alicante offer mild temperatures and plenty of hours of sunshine.

2. Affordable living costs

The cost of living in Spain is generally lower than in many Northern European countries. This makes it more attractive to stay for a longer period of time without putting spending too much.

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3. Rich culture and history

The winter months are perfect for discovering the rich Spanish culture. Whether you enjoy visiting monuments, archaeological sites or museums, there is always something to do or see. Many activities cannot be done when the mercury rises above 35 degrees in summer. Even in the coldest months of January and February, the temperature can quickly rise to a wonderful 23 degrees during the day with sunny weather.

4. Delicious cuisine

From warm churros with chocolate in the morning, hearty paella for lunch, and varied tapas for dinner, Spanish cuisine offers comfort food that is ideal for winter. There are also numerous wine and tapas bars where you can enjoy local specialties. Eating out or having a drink on a terrace is still relatively reasonably priced compared to Northern European countries. Avoid the often more expensive tourist locations and opt for authentic places that the Spaniards themselves like to visit.

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Cogesa Expats

5. Nature and outdoor activities

The climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities even in winter. Whether it’s walking in Andalucia, cycling on the Costa Blanca or skiing in the Pyrenees, there is something for everyone.

6. Good healthcare

Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe. This is a big plus, especially for the elderly, because they are assured of good medical care. Before you go, check the policy conditions of your insurance or take out good travel insurance with medical coverage. You will then be eligible for treatment in a private clinic or hospital, where the care is generally of an excellent level. The state hospitals also provide good care, although you often have to wait much longer for it.

7. Good accessibility

With numerous direct flights, and excellent road and rail connections, Spain is easily accessible. This makes it easy to decide at the last minute to seek out the winter sun. Or you can quickly return to the UK or Ireland if necessary. Airports such as Alicante, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona offer numerous daily flights to all the major airports.

8. Plenty of accommodation options

We already mentioned it in the introduction: Spain offers a very wide range of accommodation options to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for a luxurious resort, a villa with lots of privacy, or a cosy apartment on the coast, it is all possible. Many English speaking agents or online platforms offer special winter rates for the apartments they rent out during the winter months.

9. Vibrant nightlife and entertainment

Even in winter, cities like Barcelona and Madrid don’t stop partying. You’ll find a range of bars, clubs and cultural events to brighten up your winter. In other places, harvest festivals or saints’ name days are celebrated. No country is as famous for its ‘fiesta’ culture as Spain.

10. Hospitable people

The hospitality of the locals is the icing on the cake. In general, Spaniards are very friendly. The fact that their social life largely takes place outdoors on terraces and in the local bar offers an extra dimension. The only time when you see a few people on the streets in Spain is when it rains. And that happens so rarely that it conquers you to spend the winter in Spain. 

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