Valencia brings summer to Scotland to attract winter tourism

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summer to scotland

VALENCIA – In a creative attempt to boost the tourism sector during the low season, the Valencian Tourism Council has rolled out a unique street winter marketing campaign in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Waverley train station has been transformed into a temporary Valencian beach, complete with sand and sun. Nuria Montes, the Valencian Minister of Tourism, stressed at a press conference the importance of visiting Edinburgh before the winter season starts. “Scots love the Valencia region for its sunshine and beautiful beaches,” said Montes. She also pointed out that around 800,000 Scots travel to Valencia every year. That equates to around 20% of Scotland’s population.

Temporary attraction with long-lasting impact

The temporary beach will remain in place until next Sunday to introduce passers-by to what the Valencia region has to offer. The street marketing initiative is mainly aimed at “bringing the sun” to the residents of the Scottish capital. The region wants to show how attractive the beaches are, even in winter.

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A strategic move for winter tourism

Valencia wants to support the region’s tourism sector during the less busy months. Scotland is seen as an important market given the significant number of Scottish tourists visiting the region each year.

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