SPANISH MOST WANTED UPDATE – Luis Martinez Calleja captured

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Another capture brings the number of Spanish most wanted to 8. Luis Martinez Calleja escaped from custody when he was transferred to a hospital in 2014. He has been living at large since then. Until now!

Luis Martínez Calleja

The Guardia Civil arrested Luis Martinez Calleja, 29 at a farm in the south of Madrid.

Luis Martínez Calleja – capture number 2

Thirty-year-old Calleja was born in Madrid. He is 1.68 metres tall, of slim build, and has a light complexion with dark hair. Moreover, there is a scar on his lip, and he has tattoos on both wrists. Police were searching for him in connection with violent robberies. He was a “specialist” in so called “moon landings” in Madrid.

Moon landings are where criminals use their vehicles as battering rams by driving full speed towards a shop front. They then grab as much as they can and drive off. Again, at full speed.

Farm in the south of Madrid

According to El Pais, the investigation began several weeks ago when @Navalpolicia noticed unusual movements on a farm in the south of Madrid. As a result, they set up a surveillance which allowed them to conclude one of the people on the farm was Luis Martinez Calleja.

The arrest took place last Wednesday afternoon, at the farm when the Guardia Civil surprised the man inside the house. Previously, he was known to be extremely aggressive towards the police. However, he offered no resistance and was detained.

Manuel Bellido Moreno – capture number 1

Calleja is the second of the “most wanted” in Spain to be arrested. Since the campaign was launched at the end of May, 46-year-old Manuel Bellido Moreno was arrested. He had been on the run for 15 years.

With this campaign, the @policia ask for citizen collaboration. If you recognise any of these people, you can email confidentially to or call on 091.

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