Spanish government allocates €14 million for radar control on motorways

by Lorraine Williamson
radar control

The Spanish Council of Ministers on Monday approved a proposal from the Ministry of the Interior ‘related to road safety’.  Consequently, €14 million has been allocated for radar control equipment.

It is a new investment of €14 million in equipment for speed measurement. Furthermore, it will include both fixed speed cameras and mobile radar controls. 

This was announced by the Minister for Territorial Policy and government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, at a press conference. The conference took place after the weekly government meeting, which was brought forward to Monday this week. 

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Goal is fewer traffic deaths 

Rodríguez justified the decision by pointing out that in 2021 ‘1,004 people lost their lives on the road. This was largely as a result of speeding’. ‘Therefore, in these days when there are many accidents mainly due to the summer crowds and holidays, it is important to remember to moderate the speed behind the wheel,’ she stressed.  

Busy roads in July 

The Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) expects 93 million long-distance trips to be made in July and August, 2.4% more than the actual number of trips made last summer. Especially the number of weekend trips and short-haul trips increases significantly and for the month of July it is expected that 44 million of the 93 million trips will take place.  

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