Spain’s Prime Minister Sánchez chooses women in his new cabinet

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MADRID – Premier Pedro Sánchez has announced that his new government will consist of 22 ministries, five of which are assigned to the Sumar political party. Moreover, it is notable that twelve of these ministries will be led by women.

This gives the government a parity character. It is in line with Pedro Sánchez’s previous promises of diversity and gender equality. Maria Jesús Montero, the current Minister of Finance, has been appointed fourth Vice President. Montero, who currently serves as finance minister, has an impressive track record and is seen as a key figure in the new government.

Other prominent figures

Other prominent figures such as Nadia Calviño (Economics), Yolanda Díaz (Labour), and Teresa Ribera (Ecological Transition) are expected to retain their positions as vice presidents. However, their appointments have yet to be confirmed.

Cogesa Expats

New names are also mentioned for important positions. Ángel Víctor Torres, former President of the Canary Islands, will manage the Territorial Politics portfolio. Jordi Hereu, former mayor of Barcelona, has been appointed Minister of Industry.

Women in key positions

The full list of ministers that Sánchez will include in his new government is expected soon. This announcement marks an important step in the formation of a diverse government in Spain. It has a strong representation of women in key positions. Furthermore, the decision to assign five ministries to the Sumar political party illustrates a push for a more collaborative and broad-based government.

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