Spain, the main destination of British tourists for the ‘Queen’s bridge’

by Lorraine Williamson
British tourists celebrate platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

British tourists have shown by a large majority their preference for Spain as a holiday destination for the ‘Queen’s long weekend’. The United Kingdom celebrates from Thursday, June 2, to Sunday, June 5, the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

These four days have been declared a UK national holiday to commemorate the 70 years of the monarch’s reign. In this way, a study carried out by the big data and tourism intelligence platform, Mabrian Technologies, has revealed that the digital search for air tickets from the United Kingdom for international destinations has focused on Spain.  

British tourists choose Spain to celebrate platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II

According to Mabrian’s inspirational demand indicator, Spain has a much higher share of searches than other traditional holiday destinations. The search being the destination that aroused more interest in the British market during these 4 dates. The organisation measured the strength of market demand for Spain as a destination based on 12.09 per million searches.  This is followed by Italy (5.37), Turkey (4.44), Greece (4.30), and Portugal (4.16). 

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Demand is not linked to the average price per room 

Average room prices did not seem to be a factor in the choice of destination during these dates. Thus, Italy has the highest average price per room (€133.84 on average). Furthermore, this is followed by Greece (€120.65), Spain (€119.28), and Portugal (€118.23). Whereas, Turkey, for its part, does distance itself significantly, with much lower average prices (€82.45). 

“Interestingly, Spain is the clear winner of this holiday in the UK. This is despite not having the most competitive room prices, particularly when compared to Turkey. Therefore, it shows that a destination is much more than just accommodation and that people are willing to pay more for a family experience of higher quality”, assured Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mabrian. 

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