King Charles III – UPDATE

by Lorraine Williamson
King Charles III

LONDON – King Charles III has been officially proclaimed King in a ceremony from St James´s Palace in London. And Queen Elizabeth II begins her final journey to rest.

Just after 10.00 am (UK time), the official signing of the proclamation was under way. Prince William, Archbishop, Justin Welby, and newly appointed Prime Minister, Liz Truss were in attendance. After this was done, the proceedings moved to the Throne Room of St James´s Palace. This was where the privvy council met with the new King.

The Oath

King Charles III gave his address to the privvy council. He began by announcing the death of his “beloved mother, the Queen”. Then he acknowledged the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty that have now passed to him. Furthermore, he also paid tribute to the constant support of his wife, Camilla. Next, he took and subscribed to the oath related to the security of the Church of Scotland. Moreover, this oath includes a promise to “maintain and preserve the settlement of the true Protestant Religion and Presbyterian Church Government”.

Thousands gathered around St James´s Palace as Charles III was proclaimed King. The first and Principal Proclamation was read by the Garter King of Arms from the balcony above Friary Court. The crowd joined in and sang as trumpets played God Save the King. And once again, when the Garter King of Arms declared three cheers for His Majesty the King. King Charles paid tribute to his late mother, before swearing an oath during the ceremony.

Prince of Wales

William and Kate have now become the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Nine year old, Prince William is now next in line to the throne. Their eldest son, Prince George is now second in line to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth´s final journey

According to official palace reports the Queen´s coffin will leave Balmoral Castle on Sunday morning. Her Majesty will then make her way by road through some of the most scenic routes that she so loved towards the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. Once at Holyroodhouse, she rest in the Throne Room for around 24 hours. On Monday afternoon, a poscession will be formed to carry the coffin to St Giles Cathedral. King Charles III and members of the Royal Family will take part in the procession, and attend a service at St Giles Cathedral. This will give an opportunity for the people of Scotland to pay their respects. 

Baycrest Wealth

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Then, from Scotland, the journey will continue on Tuesday afternoon, as the coffin will be taken to Buckingham Palace. This will be by Royal Air Force aircraft from Edinburgh Airport, arriving at RAF Northolt later on Tuesday evening. The Coffin will be accompanied by The Princess Royal.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Queen´s coffin will then be brought to the Palace of Westminster by slow procession. Furthermore, she will accompanied by a military parade and members of the Royal Family. The Queen will then lie in state in Westminster Hall for 4 days to allow the public to pay their respects.


The Queen´s state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday September 19. It was there in 1953 that the Queen´s Coronation took place, and 1947 where she married Prince Philip. This date will be a bank holiday.

Following the State Funeral, the Coffin will travel in Procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. From Wellington Arch, the Coffin will then continue to Windsor. Once there, the State Hearse will travel in Procession to St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle via the Long Walk. A Committal Service will then take place in St George’s Chapel.

Pedro Sanchez

President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez Tweeted that he “went to the residence of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to convey his affection, and that of all of Spain, to the Royal Family, the Government and the British people”. He said, “Queen Elizabeth II’s commitment and sense of duty will inspire future generations”.


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