New method of fraud detected in online market stores

by Lorraine Williamson
online market stores scam
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A new type of scam has been detected. It begins when the potential victim shows interest in buying a product through online market stores. These include platforms such as Wallapop or Vinted.

Once interest is shown in the purchase, the cybercriminal encourages the victim to continue the communication outside the platform, in WhatsApp or similar messaging application. Through this, it informs you that you have purchased and provides you with a fraudulent link that impersonates the buying and selling platform. This link indicates that you must enter your bank details to complete the process.

The same is true if you are selling a product via one of these platforms, if someone is interested, and wants to continue the conversation away from the original platform.

At that moment, the cybercriminal will tell you he is ready to send payment for the product. As above, he will send you a fraudulent link that impersonates the platform. In this link, you are instructed to enter your card details in order for you to receive the money.

Who are the scammers targeting?

Basically, all users with an account on trading platforms, such as Wallapop or Vinted, and who have a product for sale or are interested in buying a product.

What can I do?

If you have a product for sale on one of these online market stores, and you receive a message from a user who is interested in it but asks you to contact him by an alternative method such as email or WhatsApp, ignore it. It is most likely a fraud. Furthermore, you can report the user with the reporting options available to you in the store application.

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If someone wants to purchase any of your products remotely, ensure all communications remain through the platform. Moreover, accept the transaction only within the application’s delivery system. This way the payment is protected, and you are not at risk.

Safety check

Additionally, follow these security checks to carry out online transactions from buying and selling stores safely:

  • Check if the buyer has recently registered. Fraudulent buyers usually have only been on the platform for a short time.
  • Check out previous reviews and profile verification.
  • If the buyer asks you to continue the communication outside of the platform, be suspicious. Their objective is to leave no trace in order to carry out the fraud.
  • Do not accept payment by any alternative method other than via the platform.

What if I have been a victim?

If you have been a victim of this type of fraud, and have made the indicated payment, proceed to file a complaint with the State Security Forces and Bodies. Keep all the evidence you have so that you can prove the reported facts.

If you have provided personal and bank details (for example, card number, expiration date and security code), contact your bank immediately to inform them.

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