Spain is now splitting vaccinated from unvaccinated by corona figures

by Lorraine Williamson
vaccinated or unvaccinated

MADRID – The Spanish Ministry of Health will from now on make a distinction between the parameters for vaccinated and those for unvaccinated in publications about the corona figures in order to point out the effects of vaccination. 

The State Secretary for Health, Silvia Calzón, announced this on Tuesday during a press conference where Health Minister Darias also spoke. Calzón also reported that the 14-day incidence has increased by 7 points to 139 cases per 100,000. 

The Secretary of State explained that after 12 weeks of decline, there has been a “slight increase”. This was the longest period of decline since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, now the increase is especially among children under 12. This is followed by their parents’ group, in the age range between 40 and 49 years. 

Characteristic of the recent situation is that the reflection in hospital admissions is not the same as in previous weeks. Although, the severity is comparable but in lower numbers. Therefore, this translates into a lower care burden: 2.4% hospitalisation and 5.97% in the ICU. According to Calzón, this different relationship between incidence and severity and care burden and in mortality “has a lot to do with vaccination and the coverage achieved.” 

Encouraging Vaccination 

“We must continue to value” and inform the population, encouraging vaccination in those citizens who have not yet done so. Hence the initiative to report every week, on Thursday, the incidence in vaccinated groups as opposed to the unvaccinated. Because it is essential to show the effect of the vaccination,” said the State Secretary. 

For unvaccinated people, the risk of hospitalisation is “18 times greater. And, furthermore, the risk of dying from this disease is 25 times greater,” the secretary of state added. She added that, for example, in the age group between 60 and 69 years, the incidence among the unvaccinated rises to 181.5. 

As for hospital admissions, in the group aged 30 to 50, the risk of admission would be 10 times lower after full vaccination and the death rate of the group aged 60 to 79 who had been vaccinated is 0.1% and 25 times higher in the unvaccinated. people. 

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