Covid incidence in Spain rises to February level

by Lorraine Williamson
covid incidence

MADRID – The latest covid incidence health report on Friday shows a significant increase in the number of infections in Spain. This Friday, 12,080 people were admitted with covid, which is practically twice as many as a month ago, when the number was 6,481. 

In early February, in the final convulsions of the omicron wave, a similar hospital occupancy was seen. Moreover, the incidence in individuals over 60 years of age has increased by 90 points to 1,225. Furthermore, it is the highest figure in the new era of Covid and the worst since February 11. 

The increase is repeated in the three risk groups: the over-60s, the over-70s and the over-80s. This data comes in the same week in which Health Minister Darias ruled out that the mask would be mandatory indoors again. To reimpose that obligation, a recommendation from the head of the Health Council that emphasised wearing a face mask was “only to be recommended with common sense” in light of the increase in infections and hospital occupancy. In addition, there have been several events this week where it is difficult to keep your distance in large crowds. Think of the San Fermin festivals in Pamplona, ​​the Pride and the MAd Cool Festival in Madrid. Moreover, epidemiologists fear a multiplication of the number of infections after this. 

The newspaper NIUS lists the three basic indicators: incidence, ordinary hospital admissions and ICU admissions. Together they are representative of the current situation of the pandemic. 

Hospital admissions 

The trend is the worst in the past four months. Since the beginning of February, the numbers have not been so bad. See its evolution here: 

  • Friday, June 3: 6,481 
  • Tuesday, June 7: 6,761 
  • Friday, June 10: 6,412 
  • Tuesday, June 14: 6,763 
  • Friday, June 17: 6,788 
  • Tuesday, June 21: 7,793 
  • Friday 24 June: 8205 
  • Tuesday, June 28: 9,553 
  • Friday July 1: 10,249 
  • Tuesday 5 July: 11.586 
  • Friday, July 8: 12,080 

Covid incidence 

Since March 28, the Ministry of Health has only been tracking the incidence of people over 60 years of age. They are considered a risk group. This is the highest data since the start of the new era of Covid and the highest since February 11. 

The evolution was as follows:

  • Friday, June 3: 617 
  • Tuesday 7 June: 586 
  • Friday, June 10: 578 
  • Tuesday 14 June: 589 
  • Friday June 17: 612 
  • Tuesday 21 June: 653 
  • Friday 24 June: 755 
  • Tuesday 28 June: 841 
  • Friday July 1: 996 
  • Tuesday, July 5: 1,135 
  • Friday, July 8: 1,225 

According to age groups, it also increases in the three risk groups. This is the latest data: 

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  • Those over 60: 940 compared to 881 on Tuesday. 
  • Over 70s: 1,1318 compared to 1,235 on Tuesday. 
  • Those over 80: 1,641 compared to 1,483 on Tuesday. 

Recorded at the IC 

The number of IC admissions has also increased. This Friday, 508 people were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. These are the worst numbers since early April. 

  • Friday 3rd June: 325 
  • Tuesday 7 June: 322 
  • Friday, June 10: 325 
  • Tuesday 14 June: 342 
  • Friday June 17: 340 
  • Tuesday 21 June: 361 
  • Friday 24 June: 388 
  • Tuesday 28 June: 433 
  • Friday July 1: 449 
  • Tuesday, July 5: 502 
  • Friday July 8: 508 

Infections and deaths 

As for infections, the Autonomous Communities have reported 83,613 new cases of coronavirus, of which 45,194 were in people over 60, bringing the total number of infections in Spain to 12,973,615 since the start of the pandemic. 

Of those who died from Covid-19, 321 new deaths from the pandemic have been reported since last Tuesday. As a result, the death toll from the coronavirus in Spain rises to 108,730 people. 

Vaccination data 

As for the vaccination process, 92.7% of the population over 12 years of age in Spain has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, with 39,113,419 people having received two doses of the vaccine. 

39,245,458 individuals have received at least one dose, 93% of the population over the age of 12, as well as 55.1% of children between the ages of 5 and 11, a total of 2,101,861. 

1,710,677 minors aged 5-11, 44.8%, have completed the full programme. 

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