The Basque Country wants a new state of alarm and face mask obligation

by Lorraine Williamson
legal tools for autonomous regions

DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÄN – The health minister of the Basque government is asking Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to create ‘legal tools’ for the autonomous regions to introduce restrictions without judicial review. 

Sagardui refers to an alarm condition and a duty to wear face masks also in outdoor areas. The Minister has announced that if hospital pressures and in particular ICU occupancy continue to increase and contribute to a “negative” trend of the rest of the indicators of the pandemic, such as infections or the accumulated incidence, the possibility of, once again, to declare the health emergency is being studied. Furthermore, this would allow the executive branch to take “stricter” preventive measures under the Basque anti-pandemic law. 

Sagardui announced this at Tuesday’s Basque government meeting and immediately asked Pedro Sánchez to create “legal tools” so that autonomous communities are able to adopt restrictions they deem necessary, in view of the worsening epidemiological situation. in all of Europe. 

The lawyer made this appeal after finding that the “legal route is not sufficient to stop the advance of Covid-19″. This is in response to the fact that the Basque Supreme Court has issued this subpoena to the central administration after verifying that “the legal route does not serve to stop the advance of Covid-19”, after the Supreme Court of the Basque Country failed to appeal to the Basque government. authorized to implement the Covid passport. 

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“We’re Going Bad” 

In this sense, the government of Íñigo Urkullu is studying to re-declare the health emergency. In the past 24 hours, 785 new positives for covid-19 have been registered in the Basque Country. Whereas, the figure for last Tuesday was 309 new infections. Therefore, the 14-day incidence now exceeds 321 cases per 100,000 population. Moreover, this is well above the rate of 181 recorded a week ago. 

In hospitals, the number of people admitted for Covid went from 114 to 176. The increase is lower in ICUs, from 30 to 31 people. “We are in the wrong,” said Sagardui, again calling on its citizens to take responsibility and adhere to preventive measures to prevent the pandemic from “worsening”. 

Face masks outside 

Sagardui indicated on Wednesday he would request the national Ministry of Health reintroduce the mandatory use of face masks outside. This is now only required when a safe distance cannot be guaranteed. He also wants to formally regulate the requirement of the ‘covid passport’; argue in favour of bringing forward the administration of the third dose of the vaccine; and “speed up” the administration of the vaccine to children under the age of 12 when this group is approved. 

Sagardui recalled that the activation of the health emergency will allow the regional government to take “stronger” measures under the “anti-pandemic law”. He did not specify what new measures his government is considering applying. 


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