Spain breaks record with half-kilometre bench

by Lorraine Williamson
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The municipality of Pilas in Seville officially holds the record for the longest bench in Spain. For months, companies, volunteers, and the municipality of Pilas worked on this project. The goal: to raise money for the residents of La Palma who have lost everything since the earthquake. 

After months of hard work, the time had finally come on Saturday, April 30. The municipality of Pilas, in collaboration with the island council of La Palma, presented the result of their project ‘Sofá más largo de España’ (longest bench in Spain) with a length of at least 500 metres. Furthermore, the bench is located in the municipality of Pilas (Seville). 

Proceeds entirely to victims of volcanic eruption La Palma 

The municipality of Seville wants to raise money with this national record. The proceeds of this project will benefit the people of La Palma whose houses and possessions were destroyed after the earthquake of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in October and November 2021. 

Volunteers, companies, and the municipality of Pilas joined forces for months 

In the months leading up to the construction, more than 1,500 people, including many school children, mobilised to raise money to make this project possible. About twenty companies have also made their employees and facilities available to make and upholster the metre-long sofa. The sofa consists of 250 parts that are put together. The sofa contains 2.5 kilometres of fabric, 10 kilometres of wire, and 5 tons of wood. Pilas Town Hall has financed all these resources. 

Spain’s longest bench now available to view (or to relax on) 

The sofa was presented on the streets of Santa María la Mayor, Amelia de Vilallonga, Luis de Medina and Nuestra Señora de Fátima in Pilas last Saturday, April 30. On the 500-metre-long bench, 1,000 children took place to show the bench to the public. 

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