Impressive image: Landslide as cliff collapses on popular La Palma beach

by Lorraine Williamson
verticle landslide

SANTA CRUZ DE LA PALMA – A large vertical landslide occurred on Sunday afternoon on the popular beach of Puerto de Tazacorte on the Canary Island of La Palma. It is not the first time that this beach has been threatened by a landslide. 

Fortunately, the large landslide did not reach the marina and swimming area where many people were present on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in September. The incident therefore caused no material or personal damage. The falling rocks only reached the northern part of the old port, sources from the Tazacorte municipal council confirmed to the local newspaper 

Second landslide in less than a year 

Although no damage occurred this time, it reminded many in La Palma of the moment in December 2022 when a large batch of falling rocks caused serious damage to one of the establishments in the area. 

La Palma media reported that the event prompted the municipality of La Palma to secure the El Time cliff slope. The solution included the installation of a high-strength protective mesh in the upper part of the slope. It also required several containment barriers at critical points at different heights and, in the lower part, a protective cover. 

The authorities wanted to guarantee the safety of the Puerto de Tazacorte boulevard, the restaurants in the area. And also the section of the GR-131 hiking trail past the viewpoint. That viewpoint is a major tourist attraction in the area and therefore always attracts many people. 

Collapsed cliff on La Gomera 

The incident is also reminiscent of the November 2020 cliff collapse on the island of La Gomera. This happened on the west coast of the island in the municipality of Vallehermoso. Witnesses saw – and filmed – the moment a large vertical rock wall suddenly collapsed and fell onto the coastal road that provides access to Argaga beach. A popular location for campers and cars. Five people had to be evacuated by helicopter because they had become isolated. Ultimately, no one was injured in this incident. 

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