Spain begins Covid-19 vaccination campaign for children

by Lorraine Williamson
vaccination for children

ADRID – The vaccination campaign for children between the ages of 5 and 11 has begun in Spain. The country is ready to give them the first dose against Covid-19.

The second dose is expected after 8 weeks. The interval will be eight weeks to increase the immune response and to have all children aged from five to 11 inoculated in a short space of time with at least one dose.

3.3 million children can get a vaccination

There are some 3.3 million children in this age group, and Health Minister Darias is happy with the “extraordinary” response from yesterday (December 15) which was the first day. The average 14-day incidence rate from this age group is 648 per 100,000 inhabitants. This is higher than the Spanish overall average which is around 412 cases per 100,000.

The government campaign focuses on family and community transmission. This incidence rate within this age group means it is most likely to infect others. Therefore, this is one of the main decision-making factors in parents giving authorisation for their children to be vaccinated. People want to be able to spend time with families over the holiday period, as for many, last year, this wasn´t possible.

The pinned Tweet from the Ministry of Health states, “from December 15th, girls and boys between 5 and 11 years old will be able to receive the #VacunaCOVID19

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  • help end the virus
  • protect the elderly

Positive response

So far, the response has been positive. However, as with the adults, there are still some who prefer their children to remain unvaccinated. This is for a variety of reasons. But mainly because they are not happy the drug has had sufficient testing time.

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Also, different regions are conducting the procedures in different locations. Some are carried out within schools, but others will take place in special vaccination centres, health centres, and hospitals.

Health authorities will send a communication to parents requesting authorisation for their child to receive the jab. Just one parent needs to give authorisation to make it able for their kids to receive a vaccination. In the event of disagreement, the case will be sent to the courts.

The Ministry of Health has recommended starting vaccination of children with the oldest (10 and 11 years) and children at greatest risk. Such as, children immunosuppressed by the disease they suffer or the treatment they take, those with complex chronic diseases, with neurological problems or severe cognitive impairment, or children with severe obesity.

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The intention is to have as many children vaccinated prior to the festive break. The others will continue in January.

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