Spain approves booster for people over 40

by Lorraine Williamson
booster for those over 40

MADRID – Anyone over the age of 40 can get the booster dose of the Covid vaccines in Spain. It was approved this Thursday by the Public Health Committee, after analysing the proposal from the Vaccine Conference. 

Health thus increases the age cohort of adults who can receive a third dose. The paper also urges that a booster dose be given to people vaccinated with AstraZeneca. Until now, it was believed that people over 50 would be revaccinated. But the spread of the virus and the increase in its incidence have prompted authorities to expand the age group. 

These are the age groups that can be vaccinated with a third dose or booster dose: 

  • The booster dose is recommended for people ages 59 to 50, starting with the oldest cohorts. The booster dose is administered 6 months after the last dose of mRNA. 
  • Gradually, the booster dose can be administered to people aged 49 to 40, starting with the oldest cohorts. 
  • Booster doses are also approved for individuals under the age of 60 who have received a homologous regimen of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) as the primary vaccination. In these people, the booster dose is given 3 months after the last dose. These are mainly personnel from the armed forces, police and teachers. 

The Public Health Commission insists that vaccination should be given priority in children aged 12 years and in people who have not yet received a dose of the vaccine and booster doses in the most vulnerable groups, i.e. older than 60 years. In addition, the people of any age who have received one dose of Janssen vaccine should also receive a booster dose. 

Who is already getting the third dose? 

Until now, this booster shot, also called the third dose, to regain lost immunity from the earlier vaccines, has been approved for: 

  • People over 60 years old. 
  • Health care workers and staff in nursing homes and residences 
  • Vaccinated with a single dose of Janssen. 

Immunosuppressed people also get an extra shot, although in their case this is called an extra dose of the vaccine. 

‘Spain benchmark for global vaccination’ 

Health Minister Darias this Wednesday again urged the good results of the vaccination campaign, making Spain “a benchmark for global vaccination”. For this reason, the minister has called for “cohesion” to be maintained, at a time when the number of infections is increasing in all age groups, except among people over 70 years of age. 80.24% of Spanish women over 70 years of age have already received the third dose. 

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