Covid vaccinations – Andalucia is ready

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Covid vaccinations
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SEVILLE – The region of Andalucia has 195,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccinations ready for the first inoculations.  The health authorities will use these for nursing home residents, their caretakers, and all healthcare personnel. As these are the people on the frontline of covid-19 care against the coronavirus this year.

The regional government has already made agreements with pharmaceutical distributor Bidafarma. This is for the storage and distribution of the Covid vaccines to nursing homes, hospitals, and health centres. Police officers have to take care of a safe distribution.

Ready for first vaccinations

In recent months, the Regional Ministry of Health has ordered 25million hypodermic needles to accommodate the large-scale Covid vaccinations. Therefore, healthcare workers who will inject the vaccines will receive special instructions from this week on. The method of the corona vaccine is different than usual (with multiple doses). The region is ready to start the first vaccinations. Next Monday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) may already give the green light for the vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech.

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Positive trend flattened

As in the rest of Spain and most other European countries, the positive trend in the corona figures has also flattened in Andalucia. Hence, this may cause the regional government to reverse the de-escalation phases announced last week. On Tuesday, 1,363 covid patients were hospitalised in the region, 284 of which in an IC unit. Furthermore, the incidence (number of cases in 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants) at 139 is still below the national average of 190.

On Tuesday, health authorities announced that 7.1% of the Andalusian population is or has been infected with the coronavirus and has therefore built up antibodies. That is double the percentage of last July. Nationally, this percentage is now 9.9% of the population.


The pharmaceutical cooperative Bidafarma selflessly takes care of the storage and distribution of the covid vaccines, the regional board announced this week. Bidafarma is the market leader in Andalucia with an annual turnover of 4.5 billion euros and has the necessary resources to store and distribute the vaccines at minus 80 degrees Celsius. Bidafarma previously also provided free distribution of face masks in the region.

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