Sierra Nevada relies on snowmaking to open

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Sierra Nevada

MONACHIL – It has remained unusually warm in Andalucia in recent weeks. And not just along the Mediterranean coast. Even higher in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the mercury does not want to drop far enough. Consequently, this jeopardises the planned opening of the ski station on December 2.

The normally reliable snow cover that usually starts to form during November has become far from certain. Cetursa, the company behind the ski station, is working hard to make the opening possible. But the weather gods are not cooperating. The warm weather at the beginning of November has almost completely removed the snow cover that existed in October. Moreover, it has not rained since October and no precipitation is expected until early December. In that sense, Cetursa is in a race against time to get the slopes ready for snow.

The first snow cannons in action

At the start of the current cold spell, Cetursa activated the snow cannons for the first time this season. With temperatures varying between five degrees above zero and one degree below zero, and low humidity, between 70 and 90 guns could produce plenty of snow. However, this only happened temporarily as temperatures rose again.

Focus on artificial snow production

The purpose of this first artificial snowfall is not to immediately create a skiable slope. The point is to create a moist snow layer that freezes quickly. This layer serves as a basis for further snow production, both natural and artificial, with the ultimate goal of skiing and snowboarding.

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Technological advancement

Cetursa has invested heavily in modernising their snow production system. With new, more energy-efficient snow cannons and updated compressors, which use four times less electricity, efficiency has increased significantly. These adjustments also make it possible to produce snow at higher temperatures.

A more efficient future

The renovation, partly financed with €5 million from European funds, also includes improvements to electrical systems and water pipes. The project also includes changes to electrical systems and water pipes. The renovation of the Sierra Nevada snow production system is part of a larger effort to make the resort more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This makes the Sierra Nevada one of the most modern and energy-efficient ski areas in the industry.

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