Sánchez forms a broad majority for a new government period

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Sanchez forms majority
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MADRID – Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the Spanish socialist party PSOE, has forged a broad coalition for the new government term. This majority is possible thanks to a pact with the Basque nationalist party PNV and support from the Coalición Canaria (CC).

The new partnership was officially confirmed during a visit by Andoni Ortuzar, president of the PNV, to Madrid on Friday. He emphasised the need for cooperation in Spain’s complex political context. The agreement reached with the PNV and the surprising agreement with Coalición Canaria lay the foundation for Sánchez’s new term as prime minister.

Historical challenge and political change

Unlike the previous government formation, which saw the tightest vote in history, Sánchez is likely to be re-elected without the need for a second vote. This time he can count on 179 votes, 12 more than four years ago, which marks a significant political shift.

A varied coalition

The coalition includes a diverse range of political forces ranging from left to centre-right, which could pose a challenge given upcoming elections in several regions. The PSOE also wanted to show that their parliamentary base includes moderate forces, and not just the independence parties. Despite skepticism about the sustainability of this coalition, Sánchez has proven he can refute such predictions.

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Final stage of negotiations

The finalisation of the agreement with the PNV only became final after talks with Carles Puigdemont, leader of Junts per Catalunya, were completed in Brussels. The PNV, which refused to negotiate with the PP as long as they do not break with Vox, thus shows a clear distance from conservative politics.

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Future challenges

While the agreements are promising and satisfying for Congress, they have yet to be put into practice. Issues such as the economic settlement for the Basque Country and the pursuit of ‘national recognition of Euskadi’ will determine the political agenda in the near future.

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