Rules for liquids in hand luggage to be more lenient in Spain next year

by Lorraine Williamson
liquids on a flight
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Anyone boarding a plane with liquids in hand luggage is bound by rules. And these are currently still strict at Spanish airports. However, in a few months that is going to change.  

Until now, shower gels, perfumes or aerosols and other liquids may be carried in plastic containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres. These must be packed in a clear plastic bag with a closing and opening system. Each passenger may carry a maximum of 1 litre of liquid substances, including creams, perfume, deodorant, etc. At security, the plastic bag must be removed from the carry-on baggage to be checked. 

Faster security check

The Spanish aviation authority AENA has confirmed that from 2024, passengers carrying liquid products will no longer have to remove them from their luggage to go through a scanner. Therefore, the security check can then be more effective and faster. 

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The new scanners are part of a global project to modernise airport controls. In the United States, these scanners are already being deployed at a number of airports. Starting next year, new scanners with X-ray and 3D technology will be implemented in Spain. Barajas airports in Madrid and El Prat in Barcelona will be the first to have them. 

Liquids carried on flights

It is also likely that the amount of liquid that may be carried will be adjusted. The new technology will be able to identify whether these liquids are a threat or not. Also, plastic packaging will soon no longer be required. 

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