ROADPOL Safety Days September 16 – 22

by Lorraine Williamson

ROADPOL Safety Days are underway, and continue until September 22. The aim of ROADPOL safety campaign is to raise awareness and reduce the number of traffic fatalities. The vision is for zero deaths!

Currently, there are almost 70 traffic fatalities per day across Europe. The objective of ROADPOL is to reduce this number to zero for at least one single day! Consequently, that is why the campaign is calling on all road users to rethink their behaviour on the roads. They aim to show you how you can reduce the dangers in road traffic and increase your own safety, whether you are travelling by car, motorbike, bicycle, e-scooter or as a pedestrian.

Roadpol Safety Days were launched in summer 2020, and are the successor of the Tispol campaign “Project Edward”. You can find more information about the Roadpol Safety Days in their campaign video below.

ROADPOL Safety Days

ROADPOL Safety Days is the flagship annual campaign of ROADPOL, the European Roads Policing Network. Furthermore, it is supported by the European Commission. Their vision is to enhance road safety in Europe, and to promote the values of road traffic enforcement and cross-border police collaboration.

To highlight this, several road traffic enforcement activities have been organised across Europe. Also police forces are directly engaging and via social media with the public and road users. Public and private institutions, national and international, as well as road safety NGOs and educational institutions are all being encouraged to support the campaign. Many of which are organising their own events to promote the message to the wider public.

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Guardia Civil

During this period, the Guardia Civil will be intensifying their controls against drugs and alcohol use while driving. They will also be extra vigilant against drivers who speed, do not wear seatbelts, or are distracted by items such as mobile phones.

ROADPOL President´s 2022 launch speech

Earlier this year, ROADPOL President Volker Orben delivered a speech marking the launch of the European Roads Policing Network’s flagship annual road safety preventive campaign – the ROADPOL Safety Days.

The RSD slogan is “Stay Alive and Save Lives”. This is a request to all road users – drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians… Our campaign aims at road users understanding that it is up to them and their responsible road behaviour for the ZERO wish to come true. It is actually very, very easy. All road users are requested to just do the easiest – obey traffic rules”, said Orben in Larnaca before an audience of European police representatives, Cypriot decision-makers and members of the media. “We know that about 90% of road crashes on European roads are caused by road users wrong behaviour – one or more offences against the applicable traffic law. This is the reason why we, the Police, enforce it. Because without enforcement the compliance rate would be poor. Still, despite enforcement and prevention campaigns conducted by many stakeholders, 20.000 people annually keep dying on the roads of Europe. This number is unacceptable. The European Commission is promoting the #VisionZero – the day when road death in Europe will become a problem of the past. Yes, it is a vision. And ROADPOL Safety Days is here to offer the means to achieve it. Obey the traffic rules. Stay Alive and Save Lives”, Mr. Orben appealed.

The ROADPOL Safety Days will always take place at the same time as the European Mobility Week from September 16-22.

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