Controversial ‘Fascist’ terrace table in Spain leads to great commotion

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MADRID – A bar in Madrid’s Usera district has put tables on its terrace with an image of dictator Francisco Franco. An alderman of the townhall reported this on Friday. That no one is doing anything about it “is a shame”, according to Álvaro Vidal.

Other politicians from the PSOE and Podemos also publicly condemn that a bar in Madrid’s Usera district openly supports Francoism. The news about the fascist statement was published on Friday by the newspaper Pú It elicited a lot of reactions on social media. Furthermore, on Friday morning, PSOE councillor Alvaro Vidal raised the issue during a debate.

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According to the newspaper, Vidal took out a photo of the offending table during the meeting on the terrace regulation. It shows the Spanish flag from the Franco era with the face of the dictator in the foreground. Vidal showed the photo to the deputy mayor of the city of Madrid, Begoña Villacís (Ciudadanos) after she spoke positively about the respect for terrace regulation in the city. With this regard, Vidal denounced the passivity of the city council concerning illegal terraces and matters such as this.

Limits to freedom of expression

Many of the users on Twitter who responded to the news question whether these kinds of statements are reportable or not. Specifically, it reopens the debate on the limits of freedom of expression. In this sense, Huffington Post writes that the law currently protects expressing these kinds of ideas. The law understands that expressions, gestures and images like those in the photo, even if they are annoying or hurtful to some, must be respected in a democratic society.

Cogesa Expats

Comments on Twitter

Podemos advisor Roberto Sotomayor posted a photo of the table on Twitter. Subsequently, a barrage of responses followed: ‘Given the passivity of the Madrid City Council. The same one that breaks the verses of Miguel Hernández. These people need removedmoved’.

@Jonathantudeccs: Fascist Spain is roaming free in this regime of Bourbons, Opusdeinians and ultra-rights (R-78) who control economic power, the media (#FerrerasGate), the judges, the Villarejos, the Jusapoles check…Stop fascism!!

@MorenoG_Agustin: Who will defend us against the fascists? Not Almeida. Who Enforces the Democratic Remembrance Act? What is the government delegation doing?

@miguelmunozort: In recent years there has been a lot of laughter about the “Chinese facha” bar in Usera. It’s not funny and it’s inexplicable how people can carry out Franco propaganda every day with impunity


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