Resell received gifts popular in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
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Christmas, Epiphany and the sale. There is something these three moments have in common; buying and giving gifts. Yet it happens more than once that a gift is not appreciated or is given twice. So what do the Spaniards do? 

Exchange or resell. The majority of Spaniards choose to tell the giver honestly, get the receipt and exchange the gift for something else. Yet a different approach seems to be increasingly popular among the Spaniards. 

No less than 30% of Spaniards put the gifts they received for sale again. Owners of online sales sites and apps are seeing a significant increase in these types of products for sale after the holiday season in Spain. This works especially well with perfumes, accessories, and clothes that weren’t quite what you wanted. Not only will you be rid of unnecessary stuff, you will also earn a nice extra. 

Divided opinions about reselling gifts received 

However, opinions on this are divided. Some consumers think you should be happy with what you get. After all, a gift has been carefully selected for you. Other consumers find it difficult to ask the gift giver for the receipt because they do not want to appear ungrateful. 

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Nice extra income and contribution to sustainability 

Nevertheless, consumers who resell their gifts mainly see the benefits. Not only can you earn a nice bit of pocket money with it, this also contributes to sustainability. The product does not return to the store or end up in the trash. It gets a second life with someone who wants it. 

With this in mind, many retail sites and apps today, and especially after the recent holiday season, are filled with shoes, jewellery, perfumes and clothing. All items that instead of lying unused in the closet, all get a second life after just a few clicks. 

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