Rent a car safely and carefree in Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
rent a car

MALAGA – Spain is a versatile holiday destination. Many know that. However, it is a country if you want to do and see more than is available in the immediate vicinity of your accommodation you will need to rent a car.

The many endless and empty roads invite you to explore.  With extremely varied inland scenery with wide mountain landscapes, seas of olive trees and a charming white village here and there. Also beautiful routes along the coast with different views of the brilliance of the Mediterranean or Atlantic Ocean are recommended. Additionally, if you rent a holiday home even a little bit inland, you will also require a car for practical matters such as shopping. 

The advantages when you rent a car from Helle Hollis 

When considering car rental in Málaga, consider the Helle Hollis car rental company. Originally a Danish company, it has been based on the Costa del Sol for almost 40 years. And since day one, no effort has been skipped to maximise customer satisfaction. Everything is done by the employees to accommodate their customers. The staff is extremely service-oriented and each employee has years of experience in the service sector. The majority of whom have been involved with the company from the beginning. At Helle Hollis, customers start their holiday on the Costa del Sol stress-free.







What is contributing to the positive customer experience? 

The Fast Lane Service:

  • customers only have to collect the car keys, because the contract is ready upon arrival; 
  • the free Wi-Fi in the waiting areas, 
  • The service point where customers can print their boarding pass themselves and weigh their bags when returning their rental car before departure. 
  • Early bird discounts for early booking. So planning ahead pays off. You will receive a discount of up to €10 when you book 30 days in advance. 
  • No prepayment required and you can even combine it with the Home Owners Club discount (see further in the article) or the frequent user discount. And if you change your dates, we will adjust your booking for free. 
  • A free shuttle bus will pick you up on arrival at Málaga airport and take you to the main office. Helle Hollis is open 24/7, so you can arrive any time of the day.




No fine print 

Also very important is that Helle Hollis does not work with so-called “fine print”. It can be commen when people rent a car from other companies, they sometimes encounter unpleasant surprises. That does not happen at Helle Hollis. Communication about all costs and charges is clear and transparent. There is also a fair fuel policy. Therefore, no hidden extra costs. You pay for a full tank and Helle Hollis refunds the unused fuel per quarter tank. 

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Multilingual services 

As Helle Hollis is of Danish origin, the staff can speak to customers in Danish, Spanish, English, French and German. 

Two offices 

Helle Hollis has two offices. The head office is located at Málaga airport, the main supply for the millions of tourists who normally visit the area every year. The second office can be found in the centre of Fuengirola, just half an hour’s drive from the airport. 

Home Owners Club 

The Home Owners Club has been established for people who own a second home on the Costa del Sol or are residents who receive visits from friends and family.  Members receive discounts, bonuses and other benefits – and the discount on the car hire can be given to family and friends . Membership is free. 

Feneval Covid-19 Protected Area Certificate 


Finally, Helle Hollis has the Feneval ‘Covid-19 protected area’ certificate: This means that the customer can rent a car in full confidence that all safety protocols and procedures for, among other things, disinfection, etc. have been complied with. The certificate is issued by the Spanish Federation of Rental Vehicles with and Without Driver (FENEVAL). The protocols have been implemented in all vehicles as well as in all offices. This offers the customer maximum guarantees in terms of hygiene, safety and health. 

    ©Helle Hollis


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