Whale rescue attempt in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
whale in Small Beach

MALLORCA – High drama in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca today as rescuers attempt to lead an 8 metre long whale back out to sea.

The whale was first noticed at around 8.30 am today (Thursday) moving slowly, but freely around the bay. However, at that time the animal did not appear to be in any distress.

Volunteers to help rescue the whale

whale stranded

Staff from Palma Aquarium attended the scene. They worked together with volunteers in small boats and attempted to lead the whale back out towards the open sea. This continued for several hours. But despite all attempts to guide it, the whale declined. It then entered a narrow inlet leading to a popular area known as the “Small Beach”.

Police were in attendance

A crowd approaching 300 gathered on the rocks surrounding the small bay. And local police were quickly on the scene to ensure public safety. Furthermore, efforts continued to lead the leviathan back into open water.

Sightings near Barcelona

It seems this great white could have been spotted in recent weeks in the waters around Barcelona.

Hopes are now fading

As I write, these efforts continue but hopes are fading that this story will end well.

Hasta luego,

Your man in Mallorca


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