Wally the whale – UPDATE

by Lorraine Williamson
Wally the whale update - your man in Mallorca

MALLORCA – Wally the whale was stranded yesterday in “The Small Beach” area of Santa Ponsa. Rescuers spent hours attempting to guide the whale back to deeper waters. Meanwhile, hundreds watched helpless to their efforts.

By late afternoon, hopes for Wally´s survival were fading.

Wally the Whale

However, as the sun went down over The Bay of Santa Ponsa in Mallorca last night, the rescuers and hundreds of onlookers were delighted. Wally the 8 metre long Grey Whale, which had thwarted day long efforts to coax it back out to sea, finally found deeper water and headed for the wider reaches of the Mediterranean.

Emotional farewell

Many had tears in their eyes as they waved a fond farewell to the creature which had commanded so much of their attention and emotions throughout the day.

A note of caution

However, marine experts from Palma sounded a note of caution. One told me ”the whale appeared to be in quite poor condition and looked much thinner than we would have expected. But, now that it is in the deep water of the open ocean it has a chance. And of course, we all wish Wally well”.

As the crowd which had watched the drama unfold throughout the day dispersed, the overall feeling was one of relief. Things could have turned out differently, but thankfully no one had witnessed a real-life tragedy of this magnificent creature.


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