Deciding to move to Mallorca – the expat view

by Lorraine Williamson
Move to Mallorca - your man in Mallorca

PALMA – Many of us dream of moving to the sun, some do it! We bring you the views of a British expat living on the island. This month – making the move to Mallorca.

How did I end up making decision?

In the late 1970’s I was offered the use of an old rugby friend’s house in Santa Ponsa. High up on a steep hill (locally known as “cardiac hill”) with breath-taking views over the bay, I enjoyed many happy holidays there with my young family. Mallorca was perfect for me.

The rat race

Fast forward to 2018, having retired from the `rat race´ and work a fading memory, my wife and I rented a frontline apartment in Santa Ponsa. From the terrace we could see across the bay to the beach and to the headland jutting into the larger mass of the Mediterranean Sea.


move to Mallorca - your man in Mallorca

Attracted by the relaxing lifestyle and fantastic weather, I often dreamed of spending ALL my time in Mallorca. Furthermore, my thoughts of changing from the cold, wet harsh winters in Scotland consumed me, which meant it was simply a natural progression to take the decision to apply for Residencia on my island idyl.

Paperwork for my move to Mallorca

A good friend put me in touch with a gestoria to help organise all the necessary paperwork. And cutting a long story short I gained residential status on the last day of February 2020! What a liberating feeling it was to know I was through the gate and had everything I needed to be an “official” resident in Spain before Brexit day!

I had a Spanish driving licence, TIE card, Tarjeta sanitaria (health card), and registered on the Padron. Everything I needed. Moreover, I was so relieved and could now look forward to the good times ahead.



Initially, the UK government was slow to react when the pandemic first began. As such, when the first lockdown was announced I was at my home in Scotland.

Cogesa Expats

The dream was fading!

Fortunately, my wife Anne and I made it back to Mallorca when the first lockdown was lifted. Therefore, we were fortunate to spend a super relaxing summer, meeting friends eating out and simply enjoying the simple pleasures.


The beautiful Mallorca - an expat view

However, Anne went back to Scotland in October 2020, and other than on our daily Facetime calls, I haven’t seen her since! Hopefully we will be reunited on this paradise island very soon.

Although Mallorca (like the rest of Spain) only received amber status in the UK government traffic light system, I’m pretty sure, that fairly soon, Son San Juan airport in Palma will once again be filled with holiday makers. Various sectors depend on expats and tourists coming to this island. And now the state of alarm has been lifted in Spain, and things begin to move forward, the next stage will be when the tourists can arrive en masse.

The sun is out and Mallorca is looking forward to welcoming its summer visitors.

Already, the signs are here as more and more bars and restaurants are re-opening every day. Also, with the beautiful weather, the beaches are busier. Albeit that most people for the time being are local residents.

A new spirit of optimism is in the air. And there is lots of building and refurbishment work going on in all the resorts on the coastal fringe.


moving to Mallorca - your man in Mallorca


Hasta lluego,

Your man in Mallorca

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