Possibly the last celebration of Sant Jordi with Catalan roses

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Catalan roses

Barcelona’s Central Flower Market (Mercabarna-flor) expects to sell seven million roses on Sant Jordi Day this year, an increase of 20% compared to last year. However, this day could be the last with locally produced Catalan roses, the sector warns.

A vast majority of the roses sold come from abroad, especially from Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands. Only a small part, about 50,000 roses, is produced in Catalonia itself. “It is not profitable to produce the amount of roses that Sant Jordi requires. It requires well-equipped infrastructure and that costs a lot of money,” said Miquel Batlle, president of the Central Flower Market Wholesale Association.

Impending end of a tradition

This year could be the last year that florists in Sant Jordi sell Catalan roses, due to the lack of “generational continuity”, Batlle said. “There is land to cultivate, but there are no people to do it,” Batlle explained, referring to young people’s declining interest in the profession.

Sant Jordi sale

Rose sales will increase with the celebrations this year – the flower market expects to sell 2.3 million roses. According to Barcelona city councilor Jordi Valls, 30% of annual flower sales take place on Sant Jordi. He also indicated that around 5,400 permits have been issued to sell roses and books in the Catalan capital.

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Even though Sant Jordi falls on a weekday, florists’ expectations are high. “This year Sant Jordi falls on a Tuesday, so people give roses to their colleagues and schools set up stalls to sell flowers. That is why we have higher expectations this year than last year in terms of the number of roses sold,” florist Rubén Ruíz told Catalan News.

Price increases due to climate problems

The price of roses may “rise a little” because “there have been some problems in Ecuador due to a climatic problem,” Batlle said. As a result, rose production has fallen by 20% in the South American country. The production of Colombian roses compensates for the loss. The price of roses “starts at four euros”. Although there may be “added value” that the florist wants to give to the product, Batlle added.

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