Pedro Sánchez proud of Afghanistan refugees evacuation

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain´s evacuation from Afghanistan - pictured in a tweet from Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez -

MADRID – “Mission accomplished,” the Spanish Prime Minister said when he announced on Friday the last Spanish troops had left Afghanistan. The Spanish prime minister is proud of the evacuation of 2,200 people. But said it was not the last mission in the country. 

The Spanish newspaper Voz Populí wrote on Friday afternoon about the report issued by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain from La Moncloa on the evacuation of most of the Afghan refugees. And of the departure of Spanish troops from Kabul. 

Spain evacuated 2,200 people from Afghanistan 

It was previously announced more than 1,900 refugees have been housed in the refugee camp in Torrejón de Ardoz. However, Pedro Sánchez later confirmed Spain has evacuated a total of 2,200 ambassadors and Afghan workers and their relatives. 

Furthermore, Spain also helped evacuate people from the United States, Portugal, and members of the UN. The last two planes left Kabul on Friday morning and have now arrived in Dubai. From there, the last 81 evacuees will fly to Spain. 

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Spanish troops couldn’t save everyone 

Sánchez stressed the Afghan people who could not be evacuated due to chaotic circumstances will not be abandoned by Spain. He advised the ministry is thinking carefully about a plan to help these people as well. 

International approach to Afghanistan terror 

On the situation in Afghanistan – and especially the attacks carried out in recent days by the terrorist organization IS-K – the Spanish prime minister said he wants to join forces with other leaders to consider the measures to be taken as an international community. “We have to take care of the refugees and their future and their freedom.” 

Although the first mission has been successfully accomplished, according to Sánchez, this will not be Spain’s last mission in Afghanistan. “There is still a lot of work to be done,” he said. 

Spanish king and prime minister to refugee camp 

On Saturday, the Spanish Prime Minister will visit the temporary relief camp at Torrejón de Ardoz airbase together with King Felipe VI of Spain. Both wish to express their gratitude to all the volunteers who have taken care of the Afghans in recent weeks after arriving in Spain. 


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