Operation Farmatrac success results in violent pharmacy robberies arrests

by Lorraine Williamson
violent robberies

In a significant breakthrough, the Guardia Civil has successfully identified, located, and apprehended two individuals responsible for a series of violent robberies in pharmacies located in Valdemoro and Ciempozuelos, Madrid. The operation, named “Farmatrac,” targeted these criminals who used intimidation and violence to carry out their crimes.

The investigation into these robberies began in April when a middle-aged man entered a pharmacy in Valdemoro, Madrid. Threatening and intimidating the store employee with a baseball bat, he managed to escape with over €700. As the investigation progressed, two other similar incidents in Ciempozuelos were linked to this case. In these instances, the perpetrators used a hammer and a metal rod to intimidate pharmacy staff.

Modus Operandi: Striking close to closing time

The two suspects consistently employed a specific modus operandi to maximise their gains. They targeted pharmacies close to closing time, arriving in a vehicle parked nearby. While one of them remained in the vehicle as a lookout, the other entered the selected establishment armed with a blunt object, threatening and intimidating the people present.

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Arrests and seizure of evidence

Following the identification and location of the two suspects, both were apprehended in Valdemoro and Aranjuez. The authorities confiscated the clothing and objects used in the robberies, as well as the vehicle they used for transportation. The arrested individuals, aged 32 and 35, have a history of multiple offenses related to property crimes. They are currently facing charges for three counts of robbery with violence and intimidation. The operation was carried out by agents of the Guardia Civil’s Investigation Unit in Pinto.

Both suspects have been presented before the court, with one of them being remanded in custody. The swift action taken by the authorities has resulted in a significant breakthrough in the investigation, bringing relief to the affected pharmacies and their staff. Operation “Farmatrac” serves as a testament to the commitment of law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety and security of businesses and the public.

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