Two criminal groups specialised in explosive ATM robberies dismantled

by Lorraine Williamson

Joint efforts lead to the arrest of 14 individuals who impersonated police officers and who were involved in violent crimes robbing ATM machines.

Spanish law enforcement agencies have successfully dismantled two criminal groups operating. These organisations operating in Madrid and Malaga, were primarily involved in explosive ATM robberies. Moreover, they not only carried out violent robberies but also impersonated members of the security forces. Furthermore ,they utilised specialised techniques, equipment, and extreme violence. Consequently, the arrests mark a significant victory in the fight against organised crime, ensuring the safety and security of residents and tourists alike.

Violent robberies and impersonation

The arrested individuals, mainly based in Madrid and Malaga, had established a notorious reputation for their criminal activities. Their modus operandi included violent robberies, often pretending to be law enforcement officers. These acts also involved illegally detaining victims and resorting to extreme violence. Their victims were left traumatized, and the group showed no mercy in their pursuit of ill-gotten gains.

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Explosives and self-made devices

The criminal groups relied on homemade explosive devices, which they referred to as “petacas.” Furthermore, these devices were crafted using the gunpowder from firecrackers and other pyrotechnic materials. Their knowledge of explosives therefore allowed them to gain access to ATM machines, causing significant damage and enabling them to steal large sums of money.

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