Milestone for Sagrada Família: towers of Lucas and Marcus illuminated for the first time

by Lorraine Williamson
towers Sagrada Familia

The Lucas and Marcus towers will be lit for the first time on Friday 16 December at 8.40 pm. This will take place after the traditional Christmas concert. 

The concert starts at 7.30 pm. In celebration of the Christmas holidays, the towers of Lucas and Marcus will be illuminated until 8 January, from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. 

This year’s Christmas concert will be given by the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès (OSV). This will play a repertoire of carols from around the world in collaboration with the Cor Bruckner Barcelona conducted by Xavier Puig.   

There is a first: the concert will feature the Christmas carol for choir and orchestra A les mans d’aquest infant by composer Xavier Pagès-Corella. Lyrics will be by Joan Duran i Ferrer.  

Cogesa Expats

Towers of Sagrada Familia 

The Sagrada Familia represents the life of Jesus and the history of faith. In total, the building will have 18 towers dedicated to important biblical figures. Twelve towers represent the apostles, four the evangelists, one the Virgin Mary and finally the tallest tower, which represents Jesus.  

Ox and lion 

To make it clear which evangelist represents which tower, Antoni Gaudí finished them in his design with the corresponding figure of the tetramorph. In Christian-inspired art, the tetramorph is used to represent the four evangelists. This is either in human figure or represented by their symbols. Lucas’s tower is characterised by a sculpture of a winged ox holding a book. The tower is identified by a lion.  

Wonder and resistance 

Those wishing to attend this first illumination of the towers are advised to view it from the Avinguda Gaudí at the corner of Carrer Provença.  The star on the Torre de Maria, which celebrated its first birthday on 8 December, will also be illuminated on the occasion of this celebration. There was a lot of resistance to the star and the lighting of the Torre de Maria from local residents last year.  

Tallest cathedral in the world  

When completed, the basilica will be Barcelona’s tallest building at 172.50 metres and also the tallest cathedral in the world. The building is not only spectacular from the outside. Inside the masterful design too, you won’t get bored. The spectacular play of colours and light is particularly impressive. Depending on the position of the sun and the sunbeams shining through the stained glass change throughout the day. 

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