Lidl buys 70 percent of tomatoes from Andalucian producers

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Spanish tomato

MADRID – The tomatoes that supermarket chain Lidl sells in Spain and Europe are largely Andalucian. Almería and Granada are the largest suppliers.

In a press release, Lidl announced that 70% of the tomatoes it sells in its more than 670 Spanish stores come from Andalucia. In addition, the supermarket chain exports 85% of the total volume of tomatoes in the region to about thirty other countries. The most important foreign buyers are Germany, Poland and the UK.

315,000 tons of Andalucian tomatoes purchased

In just four years, Lidl will have purchased more than 315,000 tons of tomatoes of Andalucian origin. The supermarket chain thus strengthens its position as “the most important customer of the Andalucian vegetable garden and the chain store is a leader in trade development with suppliers in the region,” Lidl emphasises.

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Depending on the season, Lidl sells different types of tomatoes, including vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Kumato or even organic varieties.

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