Spanish tomato “inedible” versus “not to be surpassed”

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Spanish tomato

The protests by farmers across Europe and the actions against Spanish truck drivers on French roads have reached the European Council. One topic of discussion kept people busy in Brussels on Thursday: the Spanish tomato.

The conflict over Spanish organic products continues to grow. Former French Minister Royal went on the attack this week and labelled Spanish organic tomatoes as “inedible”. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez responded to the controversy and emphasised from Brussels that “Spanish tomatoes cannot be outdone”.

“Not lucky enough to try Spanish tomatoes”

Sánchez called Royal’s words “unfounded criticism.” He publicly invited her “to come to Spain and taste a random tomato”. According to the Spanish Prime Minister, the French politician “has not had the luck to try Spanish tomatoes”.

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Sánchez and French government leader Macron spoke during the European Council about the farmers’ protests and the actions against Spanish truck drivers. “We respect all peaceful demonstrations. However, we must firmly condemn violent actions that have nothing to do with legitimate demands.”

“Rules the same for everyone”

The Spanish Prime Minister wanted to refute the idea that Spanish products have a “competitive advantage”. “That advantage does not exist. The rules are the same for everyone. What I would like to emphasise is the quality and competitiveness of Spanish products, based on innovation.” He wanted to underline that Spain, measured by area, is one of the top 10 producers of organic agriculture at European and global level.​

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