Box of special Spanish tomatoes yields almost 2,000 euros

by Lorraine Williamson
special tomatoes


COÍN – In the village of Coín in the province of Málaga, a traditional auction is held annually. The auction of the tomatoes is part of a larger horticulture event that rewards the best agricultural and food products from Coin and the surrounding area. 

True to tradition, tomatoes of the Huevo de Toro variety are auctioned here, a popular variety and, according to connoisseurs, a true delicacy. In the Parque de San Agustín, the jury says it was difficult to make a choice because of the increasing quality submitted. 

The event was organised by the Municipal Council of Coín and the Grupo de Desarrollo Rural Valle del Guadalhorce, with the support of the Junta de Andalucía, the Province of Málaga and the Tomate Huevo de Toro Producers Association. 

Most spectacular product 

In this edition of the competition, the pumpkin entered by Cristóbal Guerrero Hevilla won the prize for the most spectacular product. He also took home the prize for the best fruit with an impressive watermelon. But, the prize for the best vegetable went to a shipment of tomatoes submitted by José Mena García. 

Tomato Huevo del Toro 

As for the prizes: €1,900 were paid for the winning box. That money went to petitioner Daniel García Plaza, followed by José Mena García in second place and José Guerrero Hevilla in third place. Last year, the submitter of the winning box received no less than €4,000. 

What makes the Huevo del Toro tomato so special? 

The Huevo de Toro tomato (literally translated as ‘bull’s egg’) is a variety that is very large, heart-shaped or flattened. Furthermoer, it gets its name from its shape and size, which is said to resemble a bull’s testicle. The weight varies from 300 to 600 grams each. There are even Huevo del Toro tomatoes weighing more than a kilo. It is without a doubt very unique. 

This tomato variety has a quality mark that distinguishes it from other tomatoes. In addition to the usually large size, the taste is also very special. The tomato has few seeds and a very fleshy heart and is appreciated for its creamy and soft texture. In the mouth, it stands out for the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. 

Harvesting the Huevo del Toro tomato in the valley of Coín is usually done early in the morning. Because if you pick the tomato when it is already warm, simple contact can spoil the taste. The tomato is best picked when it is green and red in colour. Read more about this special tomato on 

The Tomate Huevo de Toro has a limited season, usually from June to the end of August. Moreover, this short season contributes to the exclusivity and demand for this tomato variety. Over the years, the tomato has increasingly acquired an iconic status in the region and is associated with the culinary traditions of Andalucia. Events and festivals are even organised around this tomato. 

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