Spanish fruit and vegetables are much more expensive

by Lorraine Williamson
fruit and vegetables

After the price of olive oil rose by almost 9% in August and more than 50% in September compared to a year ago, the price of fruit and vegetables, oranges in particular continues to rise to unprecedented levels. 

Fruit and vegetables are currently an average of 20% more at the checkout compared to December 2022, according to a calculation by consumer organisation Facua. In some supermarkets this was even almost 40%. The price of fresh fruit in general increased by 12% compared to a year ago and vegetables and potatoes by 22%. 

International developments 

According to agricultural unions UPA and COAG, it is not the farmers who benefit from this price development. It is therefore primarily in their interest that this situation changes within the foreseeable future. However, orange producers are far from certain that will happen. The arrival of other orange varieties from abroad and the fact that this year’s current orange season was also the shortest in the past 11 years, is driving the price of Spanish fruits up. At the start of the current season, the price was 23% above the average of the past five years. 

According to UPA spokesperson Diego Juste, more or less the same applies to apple producers. The Spanish apple market is currently experiencing the consequences of the increased export of this fruit from Italy. 

Fewer carrots on the market 

As far as the price increase of carrots is concerned, the cause is different. Only a small amount of carrots are exported, the majority, more than half, are intended for the canning and frozen industry. Producers in these industries have not adhered to their contract agreements, which has resulted in farmers sowing and harvesting fewer carrots. In short, there is little supply this season, causing the price to rise. 

The increase in the price of potatoes can simply be attributed to the consequences of the current inflation. In any case, the arrival of more rain will benefit the harvest of all crops, which will ultimately reduce the price. 

Sugar and olive oil have become the most expensive 

In addition to oranges, carrots, potatoes and apples, the price of sugar has also risen considerably. A price increase of no less than 42% is related to poor harvests and international tensions. Sugar and olive oil are the two products whose prices have risen the most in Spain. 

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