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by Lorraine Williamson
latest scam

There are so many different scams going around, it is difficult to be aware of them all. With our #SaturdayScamAlert we update you as much as possible. Here is the latest scam.

According to Policia Nacional, people are receiving a “DENUNCIA JUDICIAL” notice supposedly from INTERPOL. The correspondence looks authentic with the logos of INTERPOL, and the Spanish Government.

The document advises they are issuing a summons against you for the following reasons;

  • child pornography
  • pedophilia
  • exhibitionism
  • cyberpornography
  • sex trafficking


The continue to say specifically, they have evidence you have viewed child porography in photos and videos on the internet. It then urges you to click on the email link provided to proceed to the hearing to give your version of events. However you must do this within a strict timeframe of 72 hours.

Do not click on any link. Ignore the letter and put it in the bin. This is the advice of the Policia Nacional. It is a scam.


Correspondence like this is widespread. Furthermore, it is not only intended to target those who may have carried out acts described in the letter. Moreover, it will target the vulnerable who are afraid they will be charged with something they did not do. They are more likely to click on the link to clear their name.


If you receive emails, SMS or other messages, always look at them carefully. Often in scams there are spelling mistakes. In this case, although it might look authentic with the use of logos and stamps etc, the email it asks you to click is a gmail account. On their official website, INTERPOL confirm they would never contact members of the public directly. They are aware that scammers use their name because it sound serious and legitimate. However, they caution, it is always a scam!

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