Guardia Civil, operation ABDERA dismantles “Los Pintaos” gang

by Lorraine Williamson
operation ABDERA

ALMERIA – Operation ABDERA began after learning that components of the well-known clan “Los Pintaos” would be bringing hashish in fast and recreational boats in the west of Almeria. They used greenhouses near the coast to hide the caches and used tractors and trailers to launch and facilitate transporting the stash.

It all started last December when OCON-SUR coastal agents observed a boat being towed by a truck. There were two groups of people next to the boat, and the situation looked to be suspicious.

Fled the scene

Although the agents were there for another reason, they intervened, but the groups fled the scene leaving the “still running” vehicle behind. Inside the vessel, they found nearly 4,000 litres of gasoline for refueling, as well as satellite phones and electronic equipment.

Just three months later, in March during a surveillance exercise of a ship, the Guardia Civil noticed two van drivers acting suspiciously in the area. Once again, they intervened and found nearly 500 kilos of hashish. The two men were arrested.

High speed chase

The following month, another successful seizure was made on the beaches around Almerimar and El Ejido. Bundles were being unloaded from a boat into a van. As officers presented themselves, the people on the boat fled out to sea. The people in the van sped off with the Guardia Civil following at high speed.

The driver attempted to run the police vehicle off the road as the high-speed chase continued for around 30 kilometres. Eventually, the van crashed, and the police took control. Inside the van 1,500 kilos of hashish were seized and 5 people arrested.

Also in April, a member of the organization, of the well-known “pintos” clan, was arrested, transporting 720 kilos of hashish in a van.

And in that same month, 2,467 kilos of hashish were seized in Castellón and two people were arrested.

Finally, at the end of June, two more components of the network were detained in the port of Almerimar. They were loading bales of hashish from a recreational boat to a passenger car. This time, 28 bales were seized, weighing 840 kilos.

Official footage from the Guardia Civil of operation ABDERA

Twenty people have been arrested for crimes of criminal organisation, against public health and against road safety. Likewise, 12 vehicles, 6 high-speed boats and one recreational boat, 6,000 litres of gasoline, a handgun and 5,997 kilos of hashish have also been seized.

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