Guardia Civil dismantles EU trafficking criminal organisation

by Lorraine Williamson
criminal organisation dismantled - screen grab from Guardia Civil YouTube video

15 people have been arrested as the Guardia Civil conducts another successful drugs bust. Operation “Montiel” detained the people belonging to a criminal organisation for alleged crimes of drug trafficking, people trafficking, money laundering, and document forgery among other things.

Seven properties were targeted: two in Albacete, one each in Oliva and Corbera, Valencia, one each in Torre Pacheo and Archena, Murcia, and the other in Sevilla.


According to Guardia Civil official reports, 6,648 cannabis Sativa plants, 47,139 grams of dried marijuana buds, €8,748 in euros, 168,000 Hungarian Forint, 1,780 Renminbi (Chinese currency), 7 high-end vehicles, and various tools were seized at the indoor plantations.

Cannabis Sativa cultivation

The investigation began in May 2020. At this time, the Guardia Civil had learned of two possible warehouses in Albacete. These were allegedly for the purpose of cannabis Sativa cultivation.

As the investigation continued, the police were able to identify some members of the criminal organisation. They then studied the hierarchy of the organisation by working out which members were responsible for which tasks.

Packaging and distribution

One such task was carried out in a house in Sevilla which was used for packaging and distribution of marijuana. They also used various intermediaries throughout Andalucia for the acquisition of cannabis Sativa buds. These buds were vacuum-packed and wrapped several times to disguise the smell, and then sent via courier companies to be later shipped to various European countries. False identities and documentation were used.

The Guardia Civil intercepted numerous of these shipments. The packaged marijuana buds were hidden between clothing that was being shipped throughout Europe. Some of the shipments were bound for the UK, Holland, Belgium, and France.

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