Gang crime victim will not wake from coma

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Hospital where Los hermoanos Koala victim lies in a coma

Attacked on the night of July24-25, Alexandru Ionita suffered severe injuries that left him in a coma. The violence is linked to the gang Los Hermanos Koala in Amorebieta. The hospital has now informed his parents he will not recover from the coma.

This Thursday, doctors at the Hospital de Cruces (Bizkaia) informed Alexandru Ionita’s family he will not recover. The brutal attack is linked to the gang Los Hermanos Koala in Amorebieta.

In a coma for six weeks

Ionita, 23, has been in a coma for six weeks after suffering a terrible attack on the night of July 24-25. His state of health improved notably between Monday and Tuesday of last week, according to La Vanguardia. The doctors considered  he no longer needed artificial respiration or continuous monitoring. Therefore, the young man was transferred to the main ward. However, and despite these good prognoses, last weekend he was transferred again to the ICU, where he was reconnected to a respirator.

The doctors treating Ionita summoned the family on Thursday. The family are of Romanian origin and resident in the Basque Country. They had the unenviable task of telling the family the injuries suffered by their son are irreversible and, therefore, he will not recover from the coma.

What happened?

Alexandru Ionita, 23, was brutally attacked on the night of July 24-25, when he was with a friend in the Jaureguibarria park in Amorebieta.

Around 03:00 hours, taking advantage of the fact that he had been left alone momentarily, a score of people between 15 and 23 years old approached him. According to the investigation, one of the detainees, Christopher Antón R. T., was the one who began the attack.

Later, a 15-year-old young man also arrested for these events, allegedly hit Ionita’s head with a glass bottle. This was followed by a brutal attack involving several of the detainees, some of them minors, who even hit him with an iron bar.

The attackers continued to beat him when he was already unconscious and even took the opportunity to search his pockets with the aim of robbing him. After that, one of the detainees, Christopher Antón R. T, uploaded the recording of the attack on social networks and justified it by saying he was drunk.

Los Hermanos Koala Gang

According to the Ertzaintza, the young aggressors belong to the Los Hermanos Koala gang. The gang has been present in recent years in various towns in Greater Bilbao. So far 16 people have been arrested for this brutal attack and several more have been identified. The investigation remains open.

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