Two women die hiking in Cantabria

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Two women die hiking in Cantabria

Two women die walking on the Campanarios route in Cantabria on Saturday afternoon. Both air and ground rescue agencies were deployed.

The women were hiking the Campanarios route, which begins in Collados del Asón (Cantabria), when they fell down a steep slope. Upon receiving the call, 112 Cantabria deployed a helicopter with medical support.

The women, natives of Santander and aged 40 and 50, were pronounced dead at the scene. They had been walking as part of a group.

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Ground support

Ground support was also in operation with personnel from the Government’s Civil Protection Emergencies; Civil Guard; GREIM from Potes; Laredo firefighters and Natural Environment agents from the Forestry Service.

The ground support was required as a fog bank would have made it difficult for the helicopter to access the area where the bodies were found; an area “steep and difficult to access,” according to the service. of emergencies of Cantabria.

In addition, the helicopter assisted another hiker in Polaciones. He suffered a stroke while on a route in the Carcajal hill. As a result, a Guardia Civil patrol took care of the bodies of the two walkers while the aircraft assisted the other injured party.

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