For sale at bargain price: whole village 100 kilometres from Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Bargain village near Madrid

A village in the interior of Spain, with 17 houses, is for sale at a bargain price. The village is located 100 kilometres from Madrid. It concerns the village of Matandrino, in the province of Segovia. This small village belongs to the city of Prádena, about 48 km from Segovia.

Google Maps calls it a “ghost town” because Matandrino has been an uninhabited village for 60 years. But it wasn’t always that way. The dilapidated houses now tell the history of the village, of the 45 inhabitants, who lived in about 9 houses.

Matandrino: great opportunity for those who want to live outdoors

A great opportunity for those looking for peace and quiet and a new place to live. Outside the big cities, which are close, and close to nature. The asking price is €180,000. The village is mentioned in an advertisement on a well-known real estate platform, as reported by the newspaper Tribuna Valladolid. The village was already on the market two years ago and is now for sale again.

Meet the seller

Benito Matesanz, the owner, bought the village before the 2008 crisis. He wanted to build a residential area, a country hotel and even an arena. Last year, he decided to put it up for sale on the platform Mil Anuncios, and now on Idealista. “I had money at the time, I liked it and I was excited.  But I’m retired now and I think it’s best to sell it. People have come to look and wanted to rent or buy it house by house, but for me that is not interesting,” Matesanz emphasises in an interview. He also states that the price is negotiable.

Cogesa Expats

The existence of Matandrino dates back to the fifteenth century

Matandrino is first mentioned in the 15th century as Mata Endrino. It seems that this has to do with the presence of Endrinos in the area. With berries from the shrub, the blackthorn, the liqueur pacharán is made. In the 19th century it already had 7 houses. The corral pens that can still be seen among the ruins show that it was a small village, where cattle were kept. In the middle of the last century, the municipality had about 40 inhabitants, but it is now abandoned. There are also remains of a haystack.


This Segovian village is located near Prádena, where around 500 people now live. The last residents left between the 1950s and 1960s because there was a lack of electricity and water. Moreover, the village was difficult to reach. The last occupant left in 1963 on the advice of her doctor.

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