Extremely dangerous Colombian assassin, Juan Diablo arrested in Denia (Alicante)

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assassin Juan Diablo

The Spanish National Police has arrested one of Colombia’s most dangerous hitmen in Denia (Alicante). Juan Diablo hid there from the authorities of his country. They were looking for him to serve a long prison sentence.

Juan Carlos Orozco Valdez, nicknamed Juan Diablo, is 24 years old and a hitman for the criminal group Los Lobos in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca (Colombia). He is known for his expertise in kidnapping and torture. In addition, he is accused of rape and the disappearance of people. The Policia Nacional arrested him in Denia, Alicante, where he was hiding. He was responsible for organising and carrying out robberies, kidnappings, extortions, torture, rapes and enforced disappearances of civilians in Colombia. Colombian justice has demanded a prison sentence of 42 years for him.

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International cooperation and arrest

Police began investigating when INTERPOL reported the possible presence of the fugitive in Spain. Then, after several efforts, the authorities discovered that he might be in Denia. Given his dangerous profile, they immediately took measures to trace his whereabouts, which resulted in his arrest. He will be brought before the Audiencia Nacional for his criminal activities in Colombia.

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