Dangerous fugitive arrested for torturing two individuals in Alicante

by Lorraine Williamson
dangerous fugitive

ALICANTE – Policia Nacional have apprehended a dangerous fugitive in Alicante, who was wanted by German authorities under a European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The fugitive was a member of a criminal network engaged in drug trafficking. The gang was known for employing extreme violence to extract information or carry out “vuelcos” (robberies) against other criminal organisations.

The crimes for which he was sought occurred in April 2022. At this time, along with other members of the criminal group, he subjected two individuals to torture. This involved burning them with lighters and inflicting wounds with a drill bit, in an effort to obtain information about several members of a rival organisation. Through the SIRENE Office and diligent police work, agents were able to locate him on a beach in Denia.

In April 2022, the fugitive was in a German city in Brandenburg alongside other members of the same criminal organisation. The gang was dedicated to drug trafficking and conducting “vuelcos” against other criminal groups. They arranged a phone meeting with the victim, who was a minor at the time, through a third party. They then met her at a playground in the town. However, upon arrival, they surrounded her and forced her to hand over her mobile phone. Furthermore, they coerced her into getting into a car. From there, they transported her to an apartment, controlled by members of the organisation. There, they subjected her to severe torture in an attempt to extract information about several members of a rival organisation.

Torture with extreme violence

The torture included burns inflicted with lighters and cigarettes, injuries to the fingers using pipe wrenches. They also inflicted injuries and wounds on the thigh caused by a drill bit.

Cogesa Expats

In the face of the victim’s refusal to provide information, the perpetrators used her mobile phone, posing as her, and contacted one of their targets. They violently compelled her to lead them to the target’s residence. They then forced her to ring the doorbell for entry, taking advantage of the moment to enter the house. Employing the same brutal torture methods as before, they demanded a quantity of MDMA. However, the victim did not have it at the time. For this reason, they transported the two victims to a safehouse where, through extreme violence, they succeeded in obtaining a significant sum of money.

Arrested in the car park of a Denia shopping centre

The fugitive, known for his willingness to use extreme violence to extract information or commit “vuelcos,” faced a potential prison sentence of up to 15 years, which prompted his escape from Germany.

Through the SIRENE Office and thanks to police investigations, at the end of last month, agents were able to locate him. He was in a beach area of Denia aboard a vehicle, and shortly thereafter, he was arrested in the parking lot of a commercial establishment.

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