Arrested for reckless driving and violation of restraining order

by Lorraine Williamson
reckless driving

LA RIOJA – Officers from the Guardia Civil in La Rioja, in collaboration with the Local Police of Logroño, have apprehended three individuals suspected of varying degrees of involvement in two counts of reckless driving endangering the lives of others and driving under the influence of drugs. Additionally, one of the detainees has been charged with a violation of a restraining order.

The arrested individuals consist of two men and one woman. They are all Spanish nationals, aged between 35 and 40 years old, hailing from Logroño and Alberite. A fourth individual, a 20-year-old male, was present in the vehicle but was later released. All four individuals are well-known to the police due to their extensive criminal histories, collectively amassing over 120 criminal actions.

The incident began at approximately 3.20 pm on September 11. Police from the Special Traffic Unit (USECIC) attempted to stop an Audi occupied by four people, that was without insurance. The driver disregarded the officers and drove off at high speed on the Logroño highway, entering the Barrio de la Estrella. The driver continued to ignore audible and visual signals.

In pursuit of the vehicle

The incident was reported to the Policia Local of Logroño, who joined the pursuit to stop the vehicle as it recklessly traversed through various streets. These included Nevera Street, Picón Street, Segador Street, Cordonera Street, Chozo Street, La Portalada Street, Aragón Avenue, Zaragoza Avenue, Rio Lomo Street, Luis de Ulloa Street, Prior Boulevard, Mario Vargas Llosa Street, Tudela Street, Obispo Fidel García Street, Duquesa de la Victoria Street, Marqués de la Ensenada Street, and Avenida de la Paz. Throughout the chase, the driver engaged in prohibited maneuvers such as illegal overtaking, disregarding one-way signs, zig-zag movements, invading bicycle lanes, and running red lights and stop signs, necessitating pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and buses to take evasive actions to avoid being struck.

Upon reaching the “Noveno Centenario del Fuero de Logroño” roundabout, the vehicle lost control due to its excessive speed. It collided with another car, resulting in minor injuries to the two passengers.

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Occupants apprehended

Immediately, the officers secured the area and apprehended the four occupants of the vehicle. The driver resisted arrest vigorously, and a search of the vehicle revealed 15 kilograms of copper and piping of the same illicit origin.

The driver is a well-known repeat offender to law enforcement. He does not own a valid Class B driver’s license. Furthermore, the vehicle he was driving did not have valid insurance. Local Police officers administered alcohol and drug tests to the driver, with the drug test returning a positive result. This individual has been detained 47 times for various offenses across different law enforcement agencies.

One of the passengers had accumulated 60 prior police records and 30 administrative violations related to drugs and weapons. Furthermore, at the time of the accident, he was travelling with his partner. This violated a restraining order issued by the judicial authority. Moreover, this marked the seventh time they breached the court-issued protective measure.

The other two individuals involved have a combined total of 12 different criminal offenses, including drug trafficking and theft, in addition to several administrative infractions related to the possession of narcotics.

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