Expansion of Spanish airports is a catalyst for the Spanish economy

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Spanish economy - airports expansion

Prime Minister Sánchez announced in a press conference on Tuesday an agreement has been reached on the expansion of El Prat airport in Barcelona. With this, the region of Catalonia can, after years of slowing down, contribute more to the Spanish economy. More investments will also be made in Madrid airport. 

Sánchez welcomed the agreement on the future expansion of the Josep Tarradellas-El Prat Airport in Barcelona. The agreement was concluded with the Generalitat, the regional government of Catalonia. This will enable the autonomous region, which has been ‘lagging behind’ in recent years, to make ‘a much greater contribution’ to Spain’s economic growth. The Spanish Prime Minister confirmed the agreement during a press conference. This followed a meeting with the King in the Marivent Palace, the summer residence of the Spanish royal family in Palma de Mallorca, where he chaired the last council of ministers before the summer recess. 


Sánchez explicitly stated the Spanish government’s intention to respect the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia. And to combine in its relations with the sub-region both the ‘cooperation from the multilateral space’ with all the sub-regions and the bilateral space determined by the highest autonomous regulation.  

Good news for the Spanish economy

In this context, he stressed it is ‘good news for Catalonia and for Spain as a whole’. Furthermore, the agreement on El Prat has been concluded as Spain is on the road to economic recovery. ‘Catalonia’s growth has been lagging in recent years. So with this agreement, we are laying the foundations for a faster recovery in Catalonia. Therefore, as a result, a much greater contribution to Spain’s economic growth,’ said Sánchez. He added the Catalan economy makes up 25% of the Spanish economy. 

Investments in Madrid airport  

The Spanish prime minister took the opportunity to point out that an agreement has also been reached on investments in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. ‘This too is a catalyst for Spain’s economy and recovery,’ he added. 


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