EU bid for ban on British visitors

by Lorraine Williamson
British Visitors to require PCR test

MADRID – President Pedro Sánchez announced today that all British visitors from the UK to Spain will require a negative PCR or must have proof of completed vaccination.

Only days after being placed on the green list by the UK, the Balearics will also have this requirement. These new measures could apply as early as June 30th.

Sánchez has justified the tightening of the measure as data coming from the United Kingdom are worrying and infections are showing “well above 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.” Just last month, Spain relaxed all entry restrictions for Brits.

Health Control Form

Currently travellers to Spain must complete a health control form prior to travelling.

When leaving Spain and returning to the UK, you must follow the rules dependant on while level of risk you are returning from. For example if you are returning from the Balearic Islands, then you can follow the UK´s green list of requirements. Whereas if you are returning from Spain or the Canary Islands, you must follow the amber list rules.

Cogesa Expats

One step further

Neighbouring Portugal has gone one step further than Spain and demands any unvaccinated Brits must quarantine for two weeks.

Ban on British visitors

In the meantime, Angela Merkel begins her bid to ban British visitors from the whole of the EU regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. Merkel wishes Britain to become listed as a “country of concern” due to the recent increases of the Delta variants.

French president, Macron has backed Merkel´s EU wide proposal to ban Brits. However, many countries, including Spain, do not want the ban to be EU wide.


However, if Merkel´s proposal is agreed by the EU it would turn Boris Johnson’s plan on its head. Therefore, no longer allowing double-vaccinated Britons to go to amber-list countries without quarantining on return.

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