Driving to Spain with a GB sticker next to your car number plate

by Lorraine Williamson
number plate sticker

MADRID – The rules are set to change from 28th September regarding the sticker you need to display next to your number plate. This is for people driving with a UK-registered car on holiday in Spain.

Currently, a GB sticker is used to identify cars from the UK. Even if your number plate already has the Union Jack flag with the GB sign included, this is still necessary. However, this only applies up until 27th September. After this date, the requirements will change, and you must display the new UK sticker instead.

GB or UK sticker

Your number plate may have the Euro symbol, the national flag of Scotland, England, or Wales. However, you must still clearly display the new UK sticker. Also, if you already have a GB sticker on your car after this date, you must cover or remove it.

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Other requirements

Aside from the new sticker requirements, it is a good idea to make yourself familiar with the rules when driving in Spain. Especially if you are stopped by the police, have an accident, or if the car breaks down. If you’re taking your own vehicle, you also need to take your logbook (V5C) and your insurance certificate.

If you are driving from the UK via France, you should check the requirement for this country in the event they differ. Also, if you are travelling on holiday around this date, you may have to complete some of your journey with the GB sticker, and some with the new UK sticker.

Always check the official UK government website for information and updates.

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