British fugitive arrested in Torrevieja

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British fugitive

TORREVIEJA – A British fugitive wanted in his home country for the murder of his partner in 1990 has been arrested in Torrevieja (Alicante). He had fled in 2015 after parole and was internationally listed by Interpol.

The man used multiple identities to escape the police and had no known fixed address in Spain. Police investigations revealed that he was staying in the homes of British women who supported him financially. They had addiction problems or cognitive disorders.

Thorough police investigation

The investigation started in May this year after a tip from the United Kingdom. Although the information only indicated that he could be in the vicinity of Torrevieja, his dangerousness was emphasized. He is said to have lived with two recently deceased British women.

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The police discovered two vehicles linked to the British fugitive in a state of neglect in Torrevieja. Thereafter, the decisive information came from a suspected British partner of the suspect. At the end of November, officers found him in her home in Torrevieja, where he was arrested.


The future of the arrested man is uncertain. Charged with a crime committed nearly three decades ago, he faces possible extradition to the United Kingdom. The police are conducting further investigations to answer questions about the ease with which he was able to go into hiding for so long.

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