Four arrested on sexual assault charges in Torrevieja

by Lorraine Williamson
sexual assault

ALICANTE – The Guardia Civil have arrested four people charged with a multiple violation of an 18-year-old woman. The young woman was on holiday in Torrevieja when the sexual assault happened.

The young victim had earlier been out to dinner and for a drink with her friend in a leisure area of Torrevieja. But at one point, later, she was alone. It was then that one of the perpetrators started chatting with her.

Befriended and tricked

He was then able to trick her into going to an apartment. However, the apartment was not close to where the girl had been earlier when she was with her friend. Once there, she was sexually assaulted by him. And then subsequently by two other men.

She managed to escape out to the street to seek help. Some passers-by were able to get to the Guardia Civil Station. Due to the fact she was able to report the crimes soon after it happened, it meant the police could act in the moment.

Arrested for sexual assault

The Guardia Civil immediately opened an investigation and arrested four men from the apartment. They were aged between 19 and 30 years of age and were also on holiday in Torrevieja. The police were able to secure and collect all the evidence necessary to indict the men.

The operation, carried out by the Women-Minor Team (EMUME)* of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Alicante Guardia Civil Command, has had the close collaboration of the French Authorities through the Customs Police Cooperation Centre and Europol.


The Investigating Court number 1 of Torrevieja has ordered the imprisonment of the three alleged perpetrators of the multiple rape. The fourth man was charged as an accomplice, since he was in the apartment when the events occurred. However, the latter has been released with precautionary measures prohibiting him from leaving the national territory and the obligation to appear before the Court every 15 days.

Guardia Civil agents specialising in women and minors

*The Women-Minor Teams were created in 1995. They are Judicial Police teams of the Guardia Civil made up of agents specialised in caring for victims of special vulnerability. They are trained in dealing with crimes including sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. The unit is aimed at clarifying the facts and ensuring the immediate protection of the victims with individualised and personalised treatment.

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